Do you offer private offices?
Yes, we have professional memberships that provide a bank of hours to use throughout the month in any of our private office suites.
Do you have meeting/event space for rent?
Yes, we have several options available. Whether itโ€™s a conference room for an hour, a full meeting space for the entire day, or a networking yard with games and tables, The Local Desk can accommodate your needs. We also have multiple private offices that are perfect for a large array of industries. Contact us today to get all of the details and our price sheet.
Do I have to be a member to use your space?
No! We have daily passes and hourly rates available for guests if you ever need a space on the fly.
How is your internet connection?
Fast, secure, and dependable. We partnered with our local AWT support to provide smooth and speedy Wi-Fi access.
Do you offer daily refreshments?
Definitely! Every day we will have hot coffee, a wide selection of teas and water for your enjoyment. From time to time, we will even provide snacks!
Do you guys offer extra office supplies?
Absolutely, we have on stock phone chargers, disposable ear -buds, hdmi cables, stapler, notepads, post it notes, pens, highlighters, scissors, and plenty of plugs and adaptors.
Is there a breakroom I can use?
Yes, please do! We have a fully functioning kitchen for you to keep your lunch cold and heat it up at your convenience. We encourage members to make themselves at home.
Is there a long term agreement I have to sign to get started?
Nope, not here, just month to month with 30 day cancellation notice.