Our Mission

The Local Desk was founded in 2021 with the mission to create a people-focused coworking space with flexible solutions to meet the varied needs of entrepreneurs and employees in Rockwall and the surrounding areas.

Rockwall Office Space

What we do

The Local Desk is a stress-free place to get things done. We have private & shared work spaces available for professionals and teams. We are a professional, local, & flexible space in a distraction-free and relaxed environment. With fewer interruptions, more focused time, and comfortability, our spaces offer the freedom to achieve your goals.

Only need a workspace for a couple of hours per week? Need a private space to hold client meetings? Looking to host an event? We have multiple options (link to offerings page) available to find the perfect fit for your remote work schedule.

Who we are

We are Rockwall County residents looking to provide a local option for business owners, freelancers and work-from-home employees needing flexible office space and meeting solutions.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of a professional atmosphere, a community connection and impeccable service and amenities that help you become more productive and achieve your business goals.

The Local Desk

Our Culture

We are Rockwall. We are your home office away from home. We strive to embrace the local uniqueness of this great area with a strong emphasis on community, partnerships, networking and fun! We know the value of a positive work environment and how it can affect all aspects of your business and your life. We make it our goal to be energetic, helpful and mindful of your working space needs to keep you and your business on the right path.

Why The Local Desk?

No need to sign multi-year leases, design a space, manage the facilities, decorate or pay utilities – we take care of all of those details. Don’t like a particular desk, chair or location within the facility? No problem, you can move around freely to find your perfect working spot. Need a shared desk one week and a private office the next? We have you covered. On a short term project and only need to work with us for a few months? Our memberships are flexible and only require a 30 day notice to cancel. We are the definition of flexibility.
The perks of joining The Local Desk are endless. But, we will name a few: discounts from partner-businesses, a Notary on staff, access to a fitness area, event rental discounts, bring-a- friend passes, free printing, free beverages, happy hours and an automatic membership in our networking group, The Hustle.
Sharing a workspace with other business owners and freelancers enables your organization to have exposure to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Possibly find new talent, coordinate on projects or interact with others in your industry to keep up with the latest advancements.
Shared workspaces are significantly more affordable than the rent charged for an office space. In addition, there are no utility costs, furniture/decor expenses, printer expenses, office supply costs, cleaning fees or repair fees. It’s all covered in your monthly membership.
Joining a flexible workspace provides business opportunities with other companies and employees. It also allows you to expand your brand’s awareness through day-to-day interactions as well as scheduled events and networking happy hours.
Good for you
Healthy snack options, sit-to-stand desks, natural lighting, sturdy ergonomic chairs, a sense of belonging, a positive environment, a fitness area and a quarterly health fair are just a few of the benefits that can be found by getting a membership to The Local Desk.